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Full Version: Follow the Draft Thread
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ArrayWell I disagree and think that if you are taking a QB to stash on your roster (and the Packers aren't starting a rookie) I'd prefer Dixon over Woodson or Johnson. Woodson's release takes forever and he's Leftwich at best. And Johnson has never faced any serious competition and just has people excited because he's fast.[/quote]
Fair enough.

Wow, I bet Lions fans are pissed. They trade down with KC, and ARZ passes up on Mendenhall, and DET has a chance at him, and take Cherilous, a guy that many experts had as the 7th best OL in the draft, when Baker and Otah were still on the board.
Mendenhall makes it to 23... time for the Bears to go up and get him?
Well so much for that. Parker and Mendenhall are going to be a nasty combo in Pit
If Seattle takes Keller (Purdue) I'm going to kill someone if we don't take Brandon Flowers.
And we trade to the JETS? Wtf was that TT?

Better get some good picks out of this.

We still need a CB and we better get Dustin Keller or Martellus Bennett
Jordy Fucking Nelson? What the fuck was that?

I can't tell you how pissed I am at the stupid pick.

Not to mention that if TT wanted a fucking WR, Malcon Kelly and DeShaun Jackson were still there.
just got back from spending all day in a computer lab working on a project...

What is up with the WR's???

As i'm posting... James Hardy #41 to Bills just after Tracey Porter went #40 to the Saints!!!

2 fellow Hoosiers in the top 41 picks! Not bad! (I think IU is the first B10 team to have 2 players taken this year... when was the last time that could be said?) lol
Bears on clock... Henne and Brohm both available... Some good WR's still there too.
Matt Forte... He has been much discussed here. I guess Colts won't be getting him now :(

I'm personally shocked no QB or WR... Sweed, Kelly, Jackson are all still available (i think).
Yeah, Doucet, Kelly, Jackson, & Sweed were all avaliable for the Pack, and we took friggin JORDY NELSON.:angry:
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