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Full Version: Owners table re-seeding playoffs proposal; pass other rules
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ArrayPALM BEACH, Fla. -- NFL owners concluded their annual meeting with quick passages of several proposals and by tabling the idea to reseed teams for the playoffs.

Without the necessary 24 votes to pass a reseeding plan to give wild-card teams the chance to host playoff games, the competition committee tabled the concept to a later meeting, most likely in May.[/quote]
Good: Tabling the Reseeding plan. (Pass it!)
Bad: Tabling the hair prohibition. (Reject it!)
The hair thing is stupid, what is this the Yankees?
:lol:Couldn''t agree more.
ArrayThe hair thing is stupid, what is this the Yankees?[/quote]
They aren't banning facial hair
It's a Yankee-type rule, forcing a player to change his appearance.
I am really interested to see the force out rule go. I am stunned to finally see the NFL pass a rule that didn't favor the offense. I really don't know how I feel about this, but I do get the feeling plenty of WR are going to be getting lit up near the sidelines when jumping for a catch.

The other amusing thing was the change on the snap from center that never gets off the ground. I am pretty sure the Denver game is where that saved our ass. Hopefully Krutez is busy working out the kinks now that there isn't a false start penalty to bail him out.