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Full Version: I'm done with the Bears
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ArrayWhy would you have waited til today, come out of nowhere and start this then? It's an odd time, considering there isn't a lot of Bears talk right now on this forum especially on the QB it's all focused on the draft. Besides, no self respecting Bears fan would ever consider this, and you seem to genuinely support them and want what you think is the best for them.[/quote]
I went at it with some Bears fans last night and that drove me over the edge
So there's our answer! If what you are saying is not a lie, then you are for real on this. Thanks DG, my plan worked like a charm!
This is either the lamest joke ever, or the lamest reason to switch teams ever.
You're a Packers fan, now.........:LMAO:

I wouldn't be shocked, now.
He's a joke.
ArrayHe's a joke.[/quote]
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