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Full Version: Seattle Seahawks
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Sleeper-Nate Burleson was a bust last season with the Vikings, but he moves to a stronger offense with a better QB.He`ll start opposite Darrell Jackson, and if DJax continues to be hampered by his knee injury, Burleson could become an even greater target. A startin wideout in this offense has value.

Bust-Maurice Morris has displayed big-play ability, but he`s stuck behind the durable (not to mention extremely productive) Shaun Alexander and so his chances to shine will be minimal again this season.
i agree burleson is gonna be huge

the thing with burleson is he's the prototypical WCO type receiver in that he thrives on YAC

thats what the seahawks do...he will get 1,000 yards if healthy

book it
Prepare for the Madden Curse/ Super Bowl hangover