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Full Version: New Orleans Saints
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Sleeper-Devery Henderson has shown flashes of potential at times, but the saints are still waitin to see more consistency from him. In Sean Payton`s new offense they finally may get what they`ve been waitin for. He started 3 games last year and caught 22 passes and 3 TD passes, includin 4 games with 3 receptions or more. He`ll be the No. 3 WR, but should an injury hit Joe Horn or Donte Stallworth, he`ll get a chance to make a big impact. He`s someone to remember as the season goes along.

Bust-Joe Horn went from bein a top wideout to a fantasy dog last season. Donte Stallworth has emerged as the big-play threat and Horn looks like a glorified possession receiver.
Last night Mike Hass (R-Oregon State) and Marques Colston (R-Hofstra) looked real good.

Hass catches everything. Made a tough catch in traffic.

Colston is a big target (6-4) who can be a big playmaker.