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Full Version: Minnesota Vikings
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Sleeper-The Vikings signed Chester Taylor to a 4-year, $14.1-million deal in the off-season and he`ll open camp as the unquestioned starter. His recievin ability out of the backfield means he`ll be an every-down threat, and with Brad Childress ad the head coach, the Vikings offense should be much improved. Taylor isn`t a standout, but he`s in a good situation and has the talent to be a strong RB this season.

Bust-The Vikings are puttin their faith in Brad Johnson to stay healthy and be productive as the startin QB all season long. That`s not a good move. Johnson has durability issues, and while he`s efficient, he isn`t a big-time passer at this stage in his career. If ur expectin anythin more than a few quality games from him this year, ur goin to be disappointed.
vikings stink really really bad