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Full Version: Green Bay Packers
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Sleeper-Samkon Gado was one of the suprises of 06 before sufferin a season-endin knee injury. He`ll likely open camp as the Packers No. 3 back behind Ahman Green and Najeh Davenport, but given their durability issues it wouldn`t be a suprise if Gado got another chance to start. And he`s proven he can be very productive as the starter.

Bust-Bubba Franks is back after playin in only 10 games last year due to a neck injury. but he`s caught more than 36 passes in a season once and he`s had under 5 TD receptions in 2 of the past 3 seasons. The Packers offense has plenty of questions, but don`t expect Franks to provide many good answers.
I'm expecting 6 or 7 wins if our rookie O-linemen can play well in their first year.
I'm expecting 6 or 7 wins if our rookie O-linemen can play well in their first year.

Wow thats low. I expect 9 wins if our D and run game are stable. We have the second easiest schedule in the league and our offense will be much better than ppl think.
Are you kidding me? 9 wins for the Packers? Thats playoff team win numbers and the Packers are a long way from playoffs. Decent defense, wash up Quarterback, WR talent drop, and unstable Runningbacks arent going to get you 9 wins. They might even fall last in the worst division in Football, but they are slightly better then the Lions.
I agree with everything in that post except for the washed up QB part ^^

He only threw so many picks because instead of taking the sack he would take chances and it would result in interceptions