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Full Version: Indianapolis Colts
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Sleeper-With Edge gone, the Colts need a new startin RB. Dominic Rhodes will enter camp as the front-runner for the job ahead of rookie Joseph Addai. He`s proven he can handle the role, havin topped 1,100 yards rushin in 01 when James was out wit a knee injury. In this offense, the startin back carriestremendous value, so Rhodes is in a great spot to suprise if he beats out Addai.

Bust-Dallas Clark is what he is: a talented TE who will have a few big games durin the season but will spend far too many Game Days bein an afterthought in the Colts high-octane passin game. If ur countin on Clark to be a weekly starter, ur goin to be in for a long season at TE. Don`t make that mistake.
colts will again have the best record in the NFL... james has been overrated ever since his acl injury