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Full Version: Alexander almost out in SEA
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ArrayKJR 950 in Seattle reports the Seahawks are close to releasing Shaun Alexander.

Reporters met with coach Mike Holmgren at the team's practice facility on Tuesday and he acknowledged he was speaking to Alexander. However, Holmgren said no move is imminent because Alexander is injured. When asked outright if Alexander will be cut, Holmgren deferred to GM Tim Ruskell. Mar. 11 - 9:11 pm et[/quote]
He's no good anyways, I don't care if he won an MVP; he was behind the best offensive line in football since the Cowboys made their run in the 90's. Most overrated football player ever IMO.
He killed my fantasy team for 2 years! There's a reason I don't like him as a player, besides the fact that he's not that fast or powerful.