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Full Version: I called it
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Arrayit was from that quote that i got the notion that you thought that coaches have more effect on the player's performance than the actual player.

but you're right, he could be good if he really wants to be.[/quote]

Thank you. That's the only point I was making, is if Turner can motivate him the right way he can play well. He has enough skill to be good, just not what it takes on the inside. Now that I'm not annoyed with you anymore, welcome to the site. Maybe you should post an introduction in that forum.
its late, maybe tomorrow.
This is just another low risk, high reward signing. We got him cheap and he might do really well, but if he doesn't its no big loss.
I used to like Brandon Lloyd when he played for the Illini and the 49er's, but I know he's just in it for the money. How do I know? Because I've met him first hand before a few times while he was at Illinois and he was always on the phone with his agent or perhaps faking it wanting to know about every little situation. If you want to know a crazy thing about Brandon Lloyd I can tell you he loves to watch the old Batman shows on tv hahaha.
ArrayBears sign Lloyd![/quote]
Self-promotion is the mating call of the mute button!!

And while we're on the topic of Lloyd,


He's already running his mouth.
Running his mouth? Where? All he did was make a slip.
ArrayRunning his mouth? Where? All he did was make a slip.[/quote]
Oh really?? Just like Griese "made a slip" when he said he called the plays on his own?? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
Yep, because Lloyd was promoting himself where? When Griese said that, it was self promotion.
ArrayYep, because Lloyd was promoting himself where? When Griese said that, it was self promotion.[/quote]
Oh really?? Griese was promoting himself?? :rolleyes::rolleyes:
He didn't call them my ass. Turner does not have the mental capacity to call such a drive
He took credit for doing something. How did Lloyd take credit for anything? I fail to see where he made any actual mistakes, besides saying something about the QB situation that he shouldn't have.
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