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Full Version: Dungy is coming back
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Just saw it on ESPNews
Another year, eh? We'll see how he does.
What a relief... Great to see he's coming back!!!

There's a link. I think this upcoming year will be his last. They just wanted him back so he can be the guy who leads them into Lucas Oil Stadium.
I'm glad he is coming back. The fact is that this has turned out to be the EXACT same situation as the PAST 3 YEARS. Yet, this year was different... Why did ESPN stick their nose in this story, especially when they didn't cover it last year when he won the super bowl.

*conspiracy theory* The ONLY difference was this year the New England Patriots (what ESPN has become) have a perfect season going. I cann't help but wonder if ESPN tried to form some sort of distraction...

Now, because this is a Tony Dungy coached team, there is NO WAY it should have impacted the game at all. But I truely belief that ESPN tried to form a distraction.
If it was a distraction, this team better learn to deal with it because it sounds like this will be Dungy's last year and EVERYONE will be making note of the "Tony Dungy Farewell Tour".

Ok, I feel better nowB)
Im glad hes coming back, im sure they'll be a 10+ win team again next year!
ArrayIm glad hes coming back, im sure they'll be a 10+ win team again next year![/quote]
That'll be 10 straight playoff appearances for 1 coach, which would break the record.
Wow, ten in a row if he makes it again next year? I didn't realise it was that long a streak.
Dungy and the Colts already have the record for consecutive 12 win seasons (5 in a row). No reason why it won't keep going either...
Simply put, he's a hell of a coach. And he's also a first-class guy.
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