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Full Version: 1/20/08 Playoff Games
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End of the 3rd. 14-12
Pats in the red zone again already. Brady's working his fourth-quarter magic to pull away.
21-12 Pats now:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
Bolts are done.
San Diego is playing about the same as they did last week. The only difference is that the Patriots are getting to Rivers before he finds the WIDE OPEN receiver (there have been plenty). Last week he had all day to throw and he found them.
2 minute warning. Time to crown the Pats ass 19-0
Array2 minute warning. Time to crown the Pats ass 19-0[/quote]

Agreed. Pack-Giants should be interesting.
And the Pats seal the win
Congrats Pats
Now I have to root for the packers... At least they a few capable corners that can hopefully shut down one or 2 of Brady's weapons...

IF the Packers win, watch the NFL have the crew that calls the most PI and holding on the CB's ref the Super Bowl...
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