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Full Version: 1/20/08 Playoff Games
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G-MEN, LETS GO!!!!!!
I'm hoping for the Pack.

If anybody's wondering, the current conditions up at Lambeau Field are air temperature of -1; with a windchill of -23. The low tonight up there is -10.
Coughlin's men 3, Cheeseheads 0. What is it with the abundance of field goals lol

Facts about coldest games ever:
Ice Bowl, December 31, 1967: Coldest air temperature -- -13 F
San Diego Chargers vs. Cincinnati Bengals, January 10, 1982-- coldest wind chill: -59 F
ArrayNow I have to root for the packers... At least they a few capable corners that can hopefully shut down one or 2 of Brady's weapons...

IF the Packers win, watch the NFL have the crew that calls the most PI and holding on the CB's ref the Super Bowl...[/quote]
yup. they want the Pats to win
Putting weather aside, this has been an awful, boring game.
10-6 Pack, 1:30 to the half
10-6 Pack at the half
The Packers are playing badly. They've got too many penalties. 13-6 Giants.
God, the NFC is shit.:PTied at 20 with 12 left in the 4th. This is one of the worst games I've ever seen.
1:37 left, tied at 20, NYG at GB's 39. Come on, Eli!!!!!
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