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Full Version: Colts owner hopes Dungy will return but name Caldwell as heir apparent
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So it seems that there are basically 2 options:
1. Dungy returns for 2008 season and Jim Caldwell will become Head Coach in 2009.
2. Dungy retires and Jim Caldwell is announced Head Coach on Monday.

I am THRILLED! These are the ONLY 2 options that the Colts have that won't completely ruin this team.

Something that I did not realize when Caldwell removed his name from all head coaching searches this week... He is 52 years old :o. To put that in perspective, Tony Dungy is only 3 months older than him.
My point, for him to remove his name from a position that is something that he has always wanted in order to stay with the Colts and see what happens proves to me that Caldwell has some of Dungy's qualities already.
I'd love to see Dungy coach the first season in the new stadium, but either way Caldwell is a great choice to be his successor. If Dungy retires I hope Caldwell can keep the Colts on track, and more importantly keep them the classy organization that they are... unlike a team in New England that I won't mention.