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Full Version: Who is the best offensive player in the game that nobody knows about?
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im goin with Buffalo WR Lee Evans.last season he caught 48 passes for 743 yards(15.5 average) with 7 TD`s....and he did all this with uneven play at QB.
If Chris Chambers counts then him. I doubt you'll count him but has everyone forgotten about Tiki Barber. You never here anything about him, he 0wns, c'mon give the guy some props. But, the most unknown guy out there that is great, I would have to say, RB for the Browns, Reuben Droughns. Who's heard of him? He is a great RB and just because he plays for the Browns no one has heard of him.
All three of those players are good. How do ppl not know about Tiki? He was great at the end of the yr. Chambers was also doing great at the end and Droughns was a 1000 yard back. Droughns is the most unknown out of those three though.
Anaqan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. They both are underrated personally. They're like like 3 and 4 year pro and they re like the best offense duo rite now. But they re not favorites of other fans beside arizona fan
Deion Branch. He is a very underrated receiver who we need to get back at camp. Branch is a top receiver in the game and he is underrated, clearly even by his own team since they won't give him the money he wants. He is a prime target for Brady and this could really be a breakout year for him. Wihtout Givens, he will be put even more in the New Engand spotlight, allowing his reputation to grow.
Jake Delhomme... Nobody gives him any credit... All they talk about is Smith being a great WR... Delhomme is an amazing QB, amazing leader, amazing passer.
yea i also think it jake delhomme every1 thinks steve smith is amazing which he is but he wouldnt be without his chemistry with jake
when healthy....daryl jackson