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Full Version: I need help to solve these questions ?
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Questions need to be sports experts to solve them:
1) Please indicate the name of the Colombian player who was killed by the goal of self-caused in the World Cup in any World Cup did this happen?
2) What is called Brazil coach Carlos Alberto Parreira after the draw with Sweden in a friendly match before the World Cup 1994?
3) Who is the company that sponsored the 1978 World Cup for the first time in its history?
4) Who is the first player to prove a doping test at a World Cup and from any country descended in any World Cup event got banned by the International Federation?
5) Who is the player who scored the goal that culminated in Germany for the third time the heart of the World Cup?
6) What game called elected the U.S. and England in the finals of 1950?
*** 7) in the match between Brazil and England in the 1962 World Cup incident occurred cute. What are the incident and managed to end the situation and what is his nationality?
8) Who is a journalist who covered the World Cup 13 World Cup and what are his or her nationality and where born?
9) by an American television stations do something to encourage the American public to start watching football before the World Cup 94. What is this work and is the station?
10) What is the name of the 1974 World Cup football?
11) Who is the author of the first goal for England in the history of the World Cup finals in any goal scored in any World Cup was that?
12) South Africa received the honor of hosting the 2010 World Cup ahead of 4 votes for Morocco. How many votes obtained by the South African Assembly for the honor of hosting?
13) Who is the person who canceled a goal in the World Cup was not a provision for the yard? In any game? In any cup?
*** 14 mm) made the first ball used in the 1930 World Cup in Uruguay?
15) What states her full marks in the total penalty shootout, which played during the World Cup all?
16) Who was the oldest player to play a game in World Cup Qualifiers? What is the nationality? In any game play? What was history?
17) Who was more player was suspended in the same World Cup? What is the nationality? In any finals?
18) Who is the U.S. goal against England in the World Cup 1950? The England goalkeeper was then and what was the title of the guard?
19) How many games they played Brazil and Argentina in the World Cup? How many times do Brazil beat Argentina won and how many times and how many times tie?
20) How many medals were distributed to each of the teams that won the first three centers in the 2006 World Cup?
*** 21) In 1948, England and Italy met at Turin, consider this meeting, the biggest game outside of England, why is the guard of the England at that time?
22) Why Italy was on the verge of not participating in the World Cup 1950?
23) in any World Cup began live television broadcast of the world?
24) the 1982 World Cup injured Frenchman a very serious injury in the semi-final against Germany, who is this player and how many minutes the player to play this game and how it hurt?
25) Who is the player who participated in the Canadian World Cup 1986 and is currently an analyst for the station "CBC"?
26) participated Fabio Cannavaro in the finals Mondiyalap 3. How many games he won. How many times equal to how much time lost with his national team Italy in the finals?
27) Who is the Russian player with the most number of times the matches with the national team? It is the Russian player with the most number of goals for the national team?
*** 28) Where is Achilles?
29) Who is the player who became president of his country after he retired from football?
30) What strange thing that happened in the match the United States and El Salvador in the Categories 2010?