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Full Version: Stringer's father dead of heart attack at 57
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WARREN, Ohio -- James Stringer, the father of late Minnesota Vikings lineman Korey Stringer, has died, his family said. He was 57.

James Stringer died of a heart attack Sunday at the Cleveland Clinic. He had been in the hospital since April because of illness, son Kevin Stringer said.

Korey Stringer, a Warren native who played college football at Ohio State, died from heatstroke during 2001 training camp with the Vikings.

The 27-year-old, 335-pound Pro Bowl lineman's death happened the morning after he practiced in the sweltering heat and humidity, which pushed his body temperature to 108.8 degrees.

James Stringer is survived by his wife, Cathy, daughter Kimberly and son Kevin. His funeral was scheduled for Monday at Agape Assembly Church in Warren.

During a visit at the hospital last week, James Stringer learned his son's wife had graduated from nursing school and that the Korey Stringer Community Fund was conducting its inaugural youth football camp.

"He was very excited about the things going on. He had the biggest smile on his face. That's the memory I'm going to try and cling to," Kevin Stringer told the Warren Tribune Chronicle.
Sad news, very sad. My condolinces go to Stringer and his family. Sad to hear this man such a young dad.
yea i know he had a whole long life to live.he was only 57 thats not old at is very sad and like Airforce said Condolinces goes out to Stringer and his family.that is hard to live with.
What do you mean you send your condolinces to stringer? Anyway i send my condolinces to stringers family.
He said Stringer and his family, gotta read more carefully.
To James Stringer? and i did read it so i don't have to read more carefully.
Yes, James Stringer=son of the dead dad which means he sent his condolinces to the guy that got hit the hardest AND HIS FAMILY!
Dude james stringer was the dad. korey stringer died in 2001. You need to read more carefully.
Haha, woops, I hate reading long articles and I'm just looking at the title saying stringer's father dead, but still you can still give you condolinces to a dead guy:)
Ya i was just making sure that you guys knew that korey was already dead. Ya i dislike reading huge articles too unless it is half way imporant.
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