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Full Version: Favorite D-Line
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Who is your favorite D-Line player? Mine is shuan rogers.
mines Shaun Rogers.he is dominate and fast just beacause he`s big dont mean he aint fast.


mine would have to be Simeon Rice.
Dwight Freeney, love how he plays, he's big and he has great agility and gives all his effort to get to the QB.
Julius Peppers
Julius Peppers, John Abraham, and Jamal Williams is also a stud too.
I'm also a very big fan of Julius Peppers, I love how gifted athleticly he is, very rare to find that with someone like that with his size.
Even though I am a Falcon fan, I have to pick Juluis Peppers, I love having atheltic freaks off the end.
Julius Peppers is a scary DE.
Julius Peppers owns all, he is dominant, and breaks all the rules of being a D-Line, he is so freaky athleticly.
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