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Full Version: Who will win the division??
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I think the Detroit Lions will surprise everyone this year and win the division. But too be realistic, you can argue this for all 4 teams in this division. Heres a lil breakdown of the most important position in the game.

--The Quarterback Position

-Bears - They are still unsure between Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman
-Lions - Now that finally Joey is gone, Kitna and McCown have stepped in but know one knows how it'll turn out yet.
-Packers - Brett Favre??? They have a real ? at this position.
-Vikings - Now that Culpepper is gone, who do thye go to??

Advantage-- Detroit Lions because of the veteran leadership with JOhn Kitna and he showed he can play last year in the playoffs when Carson Palmer went down.

Now I havent kept up with the latest news lately so if anyting new happened plz notify me. Thanks
1. The quarterback position isn't exactly the most important considering even with Kyle Orton the Bears won the division last year

2. Brett Favre was never the problem in Green Bay, their O-line is terrible and their receivers were hurt all year

3. After Culpepper left, Johnson took over and almost led them to a
playoff berth

4. With the defense that Detroit has there's no way in hell they are winning that division
Actually the Lions have a pretty good defense, not one of the bets off course but they also arent the wort either. Just look at it like this. The new Lions coach Rob Marinelli is a defensive guy and im sure even with most of the same guys we had last year, the Lions will be much improved because of his coaching skills. And offrensively, we got one of the smartest minds in the game, Mike Martz. Martz is a perfect fit for the young receivers the Lions have. Charles Rogers is finally showing some resiliency in camp and th eothers have also improved according to some reports and interviews with the coaching staff.

With Javon Walker's departure to the Broncos, the Pack will have even a tougher time offensively. Their running back situation is pretty good though with Ahman Green and that Gadu guy.
Yeah the Bears won the division last year but look at all four teams last year. Who had a great year at the QB position?? Certainly not Joey Harrington or Kyle Orton. Usually its Culpepper or Favre with great years but even they didnt have good seasons. So when all four QB's struggled throughout the year, off course one team would come away with the win and that was the defense of the Bears.
The whole division is close. The bears have a edge just because of the d. Nice to see another die hard lions on this board. We probably will talk a lot about detroit teams. Since we both are from michigan.
Just because the Lions lost Joey and got a new coach doesn't mean they will go from 3rd to 1st in that division
Packers won't be 1st that is fo sho. The lions are better on offense and defense and special teams. Overall better then them.
Hey SportzGenius wut part you from??

But everyone knows that if the Lions did not have Joey Harrington this team would be much better then it has been in recent years. Im not saying the Lions will go from 3rd and 4th mostly to 1st juss like that. Im juss sayin they have the best chance considerin the all the situations the other teams are in. But like I said before, you can argue this for any team. The Bears have a great chnace of repeating as division champs but you never know which Packers team will show up each year. The Lions finally have that veteran QB they've been looking for and they're defense has been solid in the past its just health that keeps them from better results. Dre Bly and Boss Bailey, a couple of the top defensive players have sustained season ending injuries. Bly came back but didnt look like his old self after the injuy. The Lions defense isnt as bad as most think. Go tell one person out there who knows anything about football that the Lions are far better now just because they got rid of Joey. I've been watchin him his whole NFL career so I know this. KNow one liked JOey at all, he never had a string of good games and im glad Millen traded his ass to the Dolphins. Some argued he didnt have much of a O-Line but even without an O-Line you cant be that bad. Kitna the veteran wil make this O-Line look good.
I mean just look at the Detroit Tigers, is their anyone out there who thought they would have the best record at this point of the MLB season?? NO and they have given Lions fans hope that they can turn it around thye just need the right coaches and right situations.
I"m about 1 hour away from T.C. Where you from? I think the lions have the best chance out of the packers or vikings. You like kitna? I sorta do i would rather see mccown or dan-o over him. He probably will start and if he does mad either of the two will step in. I love how the tigers are playing right now. If they keep it up i'm going to detroit to watch them in august vs. chicago white sox. It depends how they do the rest of the year, which is looking really good.
Dam u al lda way up north, im in lansing tha capital city. Yeah I really liked Kitna last year in the playoffs. He has great accuracy and thats what the Lions need. What i've been hearin iz Kitna will strat and eventually he'll give uo tha job to McCown and along the way he'll help the two youngsters develop into an average QB. I think the Lions have a bright future ahead of themselves. The Tigers didnt look good today tho against the hated Yankees as we lost our secon straight game 4 to 0.
Bonderman never does good at home. I see us winning two games this series. Yankees have a good lineup. Its really tough. Come on pistons. Down by 7 right now. 26-33.
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