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SpyGate Saga - mcp529196 - 03-15-2008

Array<span style="color:#006400">yes, stop something that is getting corrected because he is the one placing the pressure on it. If not for Spector spygate would be dead and none of these new anti-cheating rules would be in place. This is not just about the Patriots, this is EVERY NFL TEAM. It is now harder for any team to cheat. What is so hard to understand about that? He will not stop until he is sure the NFL is cheater free... past/present/and future. As of right now there is no harm in anything that he has done.[/quote]

I understand that, but now the rules are in place. He achieved half of his goal already, and he's not going to get any further when no one wants to help him. Present and future cheating have been prevented as much as possible now, and Specter won't get any further. Everyone knows what happened, who cares if he proves it? We don't need proof, we know what there is to know. This guy won't get the video assistant to talk by himself, someone else with more authority over him will need to step in if anything else is going to be done. I was glad when he started this, finally doing something about the NFL and the Pats, and he's gotten work done, and I'm glad he did. But enough is enough, he's fighting a monster that he'll never beat.

SpyGate Saga - BuckeyeCub - 04-01-2008

Belichick says there are no new Spygate revelations to come

ArrayPALM BEACH, Fla. -- Bill Belichick insists there are no new revelations to come about Spygate.

&quot;I think they've addressed everything they possibly can address,&quot; the New England Patriots coach said Tuesday.[/quote]

SpyGate Saga - BuckeyeCub - 04-01-2008

Walsh, NFL still haven't worked out deal for Spygate testimony

ArrayPALM BEACH, Fla. -- Former New England Patriots videographer Matt Walsh has yet to work out a deal with the NFL in order for the league to hear if he has additional evidence involving Spygate.

Walsh and his attorney, Michael Levy, remain in talks with the league. They have discussed certain immunities and other legally protective considerations since February, but commissioner Roger Goodell isn't certain when or if he will be able to hear Walsh's testimony[/quote]