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Your BCS game... - chisoxdave - 12-05-2007

ArrayOk...If you want to debate more about this feel free to open a topic in the Debate Center...[/quote]

<span style="color:#008080">way to be a buzz-kill :P

Your BCS game... - mcp529196 - 12-05-2007

ArrayI did not know that so thank you for that info but as I pointed out with their offense, that top 30 ranking in defense could come from not playing anyone too great, they seemed to be getting into trouble down the stretch so pitted against an SEC team that might not be what you're looking for if you've given up almost 28 points per game in the last 4 games.[/quote]
yeah, i wasn't implying it was anything spectacular, just correcting a popular misconception that a lot of people think their defense is god awful.

Your BCS game... - BuckeyeCub - 12-14-2007

My Buckeyes got a shot to beat LSU and win the national title.

Your BCS game... - AnthraxFan93 - 12-14-2007

ArrayMy Buckeyes got a shot to beat LSU and win the national title.[/quote]
Yes.. IF LSU has its practice Squad out there.. But that still is a big IF! :lol: