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Bills hire Gailey. - Yin - 01-20-2010

The Buffalo Bills have hired coach Chan Gailey, the less-successful former coach of the Dallas Cowboys, despite fans desperate for a coach with a more loaded resume, such as Mike Shanahan or Boll Cowher.

Gailey said of his appointment: "I can´t say anything to change anybody´s mind. All I can do is go try to help us win football games. "We win football games, everybody´s minds will be changed, right?"

Gailey steps in to replace Dick Jauron and becomes the Bills´ fifth coach in just ten seasons. The Bills haven´t made the playoffs in ten years, a feat equal only to Detroit.

I think they should have gone after Cowher, or someone who could help them in the long run. They struggle BAD on offense.