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Prediction: Atlantic Division - LeafsFan4Life - 08-17-2006

1. New Jersey
2. N.Y. Rangers
3. Philadelphia
4. Pittsburgh
5. N.Y. Islanders

Prediction: Atlantic Division - gopackers4 - 08-18-2006

1. New Jersey
2. Philadelphia
3. NY Rangers
4. NY Islanders
5. Pittsburgh

RE: Prediction: Atlantic Division - Kyle2008 - 10-11-2008

The NHL's Atlantic Division was formed in 1993 as part of the Eastern Conference in a league realignment, the predecessor of which was the Patrick Division. It is the only division in the NHL where all of its members have won the Stanley Cup at least once (in fact, all 5 teams have won it at least twice), though only two teams have won the Stanley Cup as a member of the Atlantic Division.
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