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fantazsports - sportnut - 02-12-2008

for next year's season of football check out the more the merrier.

RE: fantazsports - arohi - 08-19-2008

I like this game Wonderfull

RE: fantazsports - sportjunkee - 08-19-2008

I just checked out this kool eddie george interview on you should check. The reporter is HOt !
Are we the only ones on this site or what ?


RE: fantazsports - katiesmily - 10-06-2008

At fantaZsports you can play online tournaments in multi-player games of will enjoy while viewing fantaz site.Thanks for your information.

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RE: fantazsports - Neha_Innocent - 10-07-2008

I am also very big fan of Football I have also checked Eddie George's Interview & I am really excited for the coming match

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RE: fantazsports - Neha_Innocent - 10-14-2008

I think football is a very good sport & Eddie is my favorite player

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RE: fantazsports - paul - 10-17-2008

Football is really a great game. I like football very much and i like funtazsports also as you can play online tournaments in multi-player games of skill.

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