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DE Edwards to OAK
ArrayAdam Schefter of NFL Network is reporting that the Oakland Raiders have signed free agent DE Kalimba Edwards, formerly of the Lions.

The latest in a string of Raiders' off-season purchases is expected to receive a two-year deal for $5 million. Edwards' six-year career has been notable for its incredible inconsistency. He can look like a potential sack leader one week and be riding the bench a week or two later. For now, he's the favorite to start at right end, ahead of second-year DL Jay Richardson.[/quote]
[Image: fortesig.png]
More Al Davis desperation.
Before the dawn of time, all the animals looked the same.

Normally this was fine, but some of the cheekier animals likes to play tricks on Mother Earth and pretend to be other gold

Since they looked exactly the same, even Mother Earth who had created them couldn't tell the difference!
wow gold
To try to fix this problem, she decided to make each different animal look different, so they couldn't swap identities.
wow power leveling
Now, there were some animals who liked flying through the air, or climbing trees more than anything, but not Platypus. He liked swimming.
wow gold
At the time Mother Earth sent out her message that she was going to change what everyone looked like, Platypus was under the water, playing with his friend Fish.
wow gold
Platypus stayed in the water even after Fish had got out, and since sound doesn't travel that well under water, Platypus didn't get to hear Mother Earth's message. It was only when Fish came back looking like a beautiful river fish, with his scales gleaming, that Platypus even knew about the message.
wotlk gold
He left immediately for Mother Earth's home, so he too could look different. But by the time he got there, there was only left overs left. Platypus so wanted to be like everyone else, that he took the left overs.
wow gold
He ended up with a beavers tail, a ducks bill and flippers, and a bears fur and claws at the end of the flippers.
wow gold
When he got back to the lake to show his friends, they all just laughed at him.
wow power leveling
Platypus was so embarrassed that he went and dug a hole in the ground near the river bank to live in.

After awhile though, Fish came along and apologised.

They become friends again, and Platypus even made another opening to his home underwater just so fish could come and visit

I think Edwards is worth this price

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