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Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Werder Bremen

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Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Werder Bremen
Hello everybody!

I'm new here, and i want to tell you about one new project that i found in the internet. This is something amazing!!!!

Its too many things which is there. The main idea of the project, is the answering on the quastions related to sport!

For example:
The final result?
Over/Under than XXX points will score both teams in total
How many points will player XXX score
Will there be overtime in this game?

To participate in the tournament you are invited to answer questions on coming sport events, whether this is NHL or NBA play or world soccer championship. By confirming your forecast, the fun begins!

At you do not lose money when not guessing the outcome of the game as it is in standard tote! You get POINTS for your forecast, and the more accurate forecast, the more POINTS you get! The person who gets the greatest number of points - wins!

Everything is very simple, and the chance for you to win in comparison to tote is doubled if not tripled!

P.S. Can you tel me what do you think about new way of betting on sport? and have a fun, my nickname in project is Drbelkin and i'm already Guru LEVEL!

Also, if im Guru i can create my own tournaments, and get 5% from PRIZE money Smile)))) yeee

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