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Memo to Mr. Goodell: Suspend Briggs

Post some of the article

[Image: fortesig.png]
ArrayPost some of the article


ArrayThe skid marks in the grass are gone, washed away by the snowstorms and mud of a cruddy winter. Still, some smart aleck has found a way to preserve Lance Briggs' crash site as a dubious civic landmark. His jersey number, 55, is scrawled on a concrete barrier by Devon Avenue, where the Bears linebacker demolished his $400,000 Lamborghini on the Edens Expy. last September.[/quote]

ArrayYou'd think the 3 a.m. wreck would have changed his life. You know, every time he travels past the scene, Briggs feels blessed that: a. he's still alive and breathing and commanding a princely lifestyle playing football; b. the local authorities didn't make a major issue of how he fled the scene, mysteriously vanished for hours and lied that his luxury car had been stolen; and c. the NFL merely wrist-slapped him in the suspend-first, ask-questions-later era of commissioner Roger Goodell[/quote]

ArrayBut I see no evidence at all that Briggs remotely gets it. The offseason is almost four months' old, yet he has completed only two of the 120 hours of community service he owes for pleading guilty to leaving the scene of an accident. He has until September to finish the remaining 118 hours, but last I looked, the Bears start training camp in July, meaning he'd better clear his calendar in May and June and pay the price of his guilt. Otherwise, he could be looking at damning consequences if he incurs the wrath of Cook County Judge Earl Hoffenberg, who already has demanded Briggs appear in court June 19 to explain why he left Illinois and flew to Arizona without permission.[/quote]

I'm surprised after the incident happened lat year, Briggs didn't get suspended. There is almost no way Goodell is going to let it go a second time. And the Lovetron is a dope too. When this first happened, he be like, "We have a one-car accident and now alcohol is involved? I think that’s stretching it a little bit to go that far." No, Lovie it isn't going too far. It's valid. Why was he out at 3AM, and why did he flee? Drinking is the only reason that I can think of. Tell me what ideas you have as to why he'd leave the scene and was out at 3AM?

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