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ArrayHawks pick #11, they lost their 2nd rounder to Ottawa.

They need to get a big time defenseman (Brian Campbell) or 2 solid ones (Mike Green, etc.). They need to maybe get 1 more solid vet, to go along with Lang.

Also, a guy who could fight and protect the young guys wouldn't hurt. Wiz can't do it all himself. Burish is more of a pest, then a guy who a team fears.

Good post, totally agree. Although, I'd really like to see Yanic back. He is THE best face off guy in the NHL, so that always helps. Not to mention he'd probably be cheap. BTW, I'd looove to have Brashear. Rather have him than Laraque, but either would be nice.[/quote]

OC brings up a good point, someone to fight. Georges Laraque is a beast.
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ArrayOC brings up a good point, someone to fight. Georges Laraque is a beast.[/quote]
Sort of, Laraque is more uncoordinated than he is skilled. However, Brashear on the other hand, is a beast. But, I wouldn't mind Laraque, either.
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Stortini can fight too.;)
I think D- Defenseman,Brian Campbell are the best
If the Hawks can pick up a fighter that can fit into the system and not become another David Koci, I guess that's fine. I'd rather see Burish develop into an energy guy that may be able to deliver 10 goals a year, and drop gloves with the heavyweights.
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