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Bet fake money, win REAL money!!
Array1. So... who cares??? All you give them is your address and email, anyone can easily obtain that if they really wanted to.

2. I go to a Christian university and they believe gambling is wrong... I agree with them on that issue, but I think their filter is way too strict, sometimes block sites for categories that the site isn't...[/quote]

Yea, my school has a stupid blocker too. I cant even get on google images, or this site for instance. For some reason though, centsports is NOT blocked, so I make most of my bets at school.<!--fontc--><!--/fontc-->
....You'd wish you never knew me....

[Image: hdr_595.jpg]
[Image: temppu7.png]
Centsports is block at my school.
Not Google Images or here like yours JCM.
SportingNews is blocked when I try to log in, and TheSportsBoard is blocked. =/
Google Images was blocked at my high school, but it isn't here.
Well, that was really nice to hear... But why did she do that? Anyway, thanks for the sharing this experience. I am hoping that no one will do this anymore.

Temporary medical
Really we can bet and earn then its best way to make a pocket money. Anyways thanks for the site.
Sounds too good to be true for me. I'm sure nobody is going to give you REAL money for fake money. It would be extremely unprofitable. Wink

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