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Hawks Offseason Thread
Hawks sign Huet.
5.6 million @ 4 years rumored. is not confirming the $$ amount yet.

3 years is the rumor now.

The signing is official.

[edit 2]
Now that the Hawks have 2 high $$ goalies-- what's to happen to Khabbi?
Who's interested?
Where's the trade?
If there is a trade-- is it for a 1st or 2nd round pick to free up $$ for Hossa or Campbell?
[Image: th_i-want-to-believe02.gif]
[Image: 17289.png]
According to the 4th period, the Hawks were interested in Bertuzzi, but withoot moving Bulin-- it can't be done. Apparently moving Bulin seems to be oot of the question, which makes me believe Havlat's on the block.
[Image: th_i-want-to-believe02.gif]
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