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The Lovetron supports Obama
ArrayPALM BEACH, Fla. -- Presidential hopeful and Bears fan Barack Obama has an admirer of his own in Bears coach Lovie Smith.

''I'm not neutral; I'm a big Barack Obama fan,'' Smith said Wednesday during a media breakfast at the NFL owners meetings. ''I believe in his plan for our future.''[/quote]


Obama is a Sox fan.:rant:

Obama is a Sox fan, Mayor Daley is a Sox fan, Hillary is a Cubs fan, Blago is a Cubs fan. Why must politicians pick the wrong teams??:banghead::rant:
Hillary and Blago are idiots. Works out fine.
ArrayHillary and Blago are idiots.[/quote]
That's why I am pissed that they are Cubs fans
Shit happens.
All I can say is that I'm sure if you shave Obama's head. You will find the missing 666.
and if we shave yours we'll find the missing 3<--- sign
[Image: rex_grossman-thumb.jpg]
LOL..Rex doin that balloon..

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