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Minnesota Vikings
Sleeper-The Vikings signed Chester Taylor to a 4-year, $14.1-million deal in the off-season and he`ll open camp as the unquestioned starter. His recievin ability out of the backfield means he`ll be an every-down threat, and with Brad Childress ad the head coach, the Vikings offense should be much improved. Taylor isn`t a standout, but he`s in a good situation and has the talent to be a strong RB this season.

Bust-The Vikings are puttin their faith in Brad Johnson to stay healthy and be productive as the startin QB all season long. That`s not a good move. Johnson has durability issues, and while he`s efficient, he isn`t a big-time passer at this stage in his career. If ur expectin anythin more than a few quality games from him this year, ur goin to be disappointed.
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Colts won the Super Bowl....Peyton MVP
Pistons 28-18....Chauncey,Rip,Sheed,Tay,C-Webb and McDyess as the 6th better remember the name because they are going to be your next NBA Champs so remember the name and if you dont like it well forget you than lol
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vikings stink really really bad

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