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Fitzgerald to PHI??
ArrayThe Larry Fitzgerald-to-the- Eagles trade scenario takes on new intrigue daily, with a report surfacing Friday that the Eagles have submitted a trade offer to Arizona to obtain the Pro Bowl wide receiver.

The Cardinals and Fitzgerald have hit an impasse in contract renegotiations, according to The Arizona Republic, which also reported that the Eagles have offered cornerback Lito Sheppard and wide receiver Reggie Brown as trade bait with hopes of forcing the Cardinals to deal away the wideout if they can't reach an agreement to restructure his contract.

A league source confirmed to The News Journal that the Eagles have proposed a trade to Arizona, but the source couldn't elaborate on the details of the proposal.

The Cardinals still hold out hope of reaching a new deal with Fitzgerald or having him play out the rest of his contract, according to The Arizona Republic report.

Fitzgerald, 24, is scheduled to make $14.6 million in 2008 and $17.4 million in 2009, the final year of his contract. Cardinals general manager Rod Graves has adamantly stated that Fitzgerald will remain with the Cardinals.

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I wonder why they need cap room anyway? If they are trying to rebuild, why not keep Fitzgerald and trade Boldin.
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Not happening. Just saw the Breaking News GFX on ESPNews, got a 4-year deal with the Cardinals
ArrayI wonder why they need cap room anyway? If they are trying to rebuild, why not keep Fitzgerald and trade Boldin.[/quote]
$310,000 under salary cap

They only have enough $$$ to sign 1 late round draft pick! This is exactly why they they were looking to trade Fitz...
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ArrayWhile several teams figure to start the ‘08 season well under the $116.2 million cap, the available room will decrease significantly. From year to year, teams are required to spend a designated percentage amount of the cap. Last year, the salary floor was $81.75 million with the cap being $109 million. This year, the floor percentage has increased to 86.4, forcing teams to spend at least $100 million.[/quote]

Didn't know that there was a floor as well as a cap

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