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Sport in highest decline?
I don't agree with how much it cost to go to a game, especially when they black out the game for locals because not enough for attendance. If they are going to cater to the rich they should allow the majority of the fans(poorer fans) to enjoy the game as well. RIP OFF!!!
I think the NBA is beginning to lose interest from the majority of fans.
I agree... the NBA has lost a lot of fans, especially the pacers. I too, like killthegoat, used to watch every pacer game but now I could really care less what's going on. I can't neccasarily say it's the NHL taking the fans though. I believe its the rise within the last 8 or so years in interest to the NFL that's doing it. NCAAB isn't losing anything... there are still millions upon millions of brackets filled out every year.
What about fishing i don't people looking at it like a sport and it's a sport.

Maybe this will help all the fishing fans out there because i know it helped me to catch bigger fish Smile

So how to carp fishing with usefull tips
(01-13-2008, 10:50 PM)mcp529196 Wrote: I did this to start some discussion. I saw the thread about how the NHL is gaining more fans, and it's got to be fairly obvious that some sports are going to lose out. For myself, I find that basketball, both NCAA and NBA is starting to lose my interest. Can't exactly say why, but that's just how I feel. So, what do you guys think? I'm interested to find out...

In my opinion Cycling is very interesting sport now days
T20 world cup

Australia going to win

Cosmetic Surgery
Boob Job

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