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Fantasy Baseball 2008
With Spring Training a meer 2 months away, I thinking its time to see who is in for Fantasy baseball. And what format we all would like to do.

My personal choice, either version of Roto. But lets here what the masses have to say... And away we go.
[Image: auburn3-sm.gif][Image: wsox2-sm.gif][Image: poland-sm.gif]
I don't play fantasy sports. So I'm out. Sorry
My preference is Point H2H
[Image: forumsignature.jpg]
Alright...we just need some more people...I'm in...
count me in but I have never done fantasy baseball before
all glory to the hypnotoad

I am in a band. Check us out
First and Foremost
I'm in.
I'd be in, I'm for straight up roto.
Points H2H. More user friendly for those new to fantasy baseball
[Image: swisherswigny1.png]

[Image: 6ta4fmb.gif]
We have to go Points H2H for the newcomers and for anyone that wants to join late, so its easier for them to understand...
[Image: mattforte.jpg]
<span style="color:#ff8c00">RB ll Mat Forte ll Tulane.Chicago Bears
[Image: Chicago_WhiteSox.png]
Well if it is H2H points you'll have to count me out.

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