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Fantasy Baseball 2008
ArrayRoto is where it's just points, not W-L that count as the final tally. H2H is where it works pretty much like fantasy football, where you have opponents every week and standings are based on W-L.[/quote]
Ohh, not a fan of that. Can we make a switch here?
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ArrayOhh, not a fan of that. Can we make a switch here?[/quote]
no, this is what was agreed upon on creation of the league. The league is clearly stated roto when signing up.

We spent 1+ pages earlier in this thread about this. You can read why Roto was chosen for yourself. Perhaps it will change your opinion

Edit: Well there is some about it end page 1 onto page 2, but I thought there was more explanation, hmmm
Anyway, the reason is basically because Roto is way more likely to have the best team come in first place. Head 2 Head you can get lucky and make playoffs and then show up at the very end and update your team and still medal. In Roto if you don't update your team everyweek it will be much harder to medal.
This is why many don't like Roto, it forces you to stay active. Since we are all on this forum everyday for at least a half hour (most a LOT more) there should be no problem in finding 5 minutes a week to set your roster for that week. Roto is the best fantasy talent evaluator...
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2008-09 IU basketball motto: My Team Is On The Floor!

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Ya i'll be in the draft. It should be fun.
I'll be at the draft tonight.
I'm already preparing the celebrations for when I just demolish the league
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