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How did everyone fare this season?
As we come to a close of the 2007-08 season for fantasy, I can sadly say I am eliminated in all of them. I was doing pretty good in until Brady started not doing so hot for fantasy points. However, my number one opponent had Randy Moss. And he wouldn't let him go. So when TB had awesome games, of course Moss had great ones right there with him. So many close games that I lost by just a handful of yardage led me with a lackluster 6-5, and eliminated in first round of playoffs (on ESPN fantasy).

How did you all do? And what site did you use? I haven't found one that has blown me away yet. I've tried ESPN and NFL.Com, CBSSportsline, Yahoo, etc etc. Anyone find a hidden gem? I am debating going to a pay one next season, see how that compares.;)
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I lost in my favorite league last week(20 team league i came in 5th place)

My couch draft with 6 people in it I am in the 2 week championship. I have yet to check the score but i bet im winning

My Keeper league I am still alive

And my autopick draft I went 2-who cares
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White Sox Baseball:
Where the players are underlooked.
Where the GM is looked at as overated around the league.
Where making under the radar moves have paid off in the past, and will do this season.
Where having winning records year after year, then having a losing year and every fan starts to panic
Where fans go to watch real baseball in Chicago.

2008. Season to Remember.
i won my fantasy football league. 250 bucks!
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<span style="color:gray"> White Sox Baseball: Passion. Pride. Tradition.

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Arrayi won my fantasy football league. 250 bucks![/quote]

Damn! Nice! Congrats! Who did you use?
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Yawn, Talk to me about Baseball! And I think if we have enough people I help run a league here for us.
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my starting lineup for the majority of the season:
drew brees
ben roethlisberger
jamal lewis
ryan grant
greg jennings
tony gonzalez
calvin johnson
rob bironas
titans/steelers defense

and my bench:
maurice jones-drew
aaron stecker
trent edwards
reggie brown
mike furrey
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<span style="color:gray"> White Sox Baseball: Passion. Pride. Tradition.

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I am ranked in the top 20 and 40 respectively in the Sporting News Fantasy hockey-- out of 55,000+.
I've had a decent second half with both of my teams.

I was rated as high as #4, but have dropped around #13.

I really wanted to say I was #1 for just one day.
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Damn, Paul. Nad no idea you were that high on SN. Nice job.

I've had crap luck with my Hockey teams on SN. Most of the guys I picked up got injured. Kronwall, and Horcoff just to name a few. Burned off a bunch of trades early.

I'm sitting way down at the 30,000 range.
I didn't do NBA, NFL, or NHL, but I feel like I have 2 very good fantasy MLB teams this year.
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I have 3 NBA teams for yahoo. I made playoffs in each league. I have a bye in 2 (a 1 seed and a 2 seed). I should medal in all 3...
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2008-09 IU basketball motto: My Team Is On The Floor!

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