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yeah, but you act like taking woodson is a bad move. if he's the best player available, and the bears have a need for a qb which they do, then stop complaining. qb isn't their biggest need, but most GMs agree taking the best player available is a smart move.
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ArrayDoesn't have the cash to pay for good coaches!!?? Then please explain why he let the Lovetron get rid of Ron Rivera?[/quote]

As soon as you explain why they retained Ron &quot;Failure&quot; Turner
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ArrayAs soon as you explain why they retained Ron &quot;Failure&quot; Turner[/quote]
B/c they think Turner is a great OC
ArrayB/c they think Turner is a great OC[/quote]

I have a different view..

He is cheap.. Hence why they have him.
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ArrayWell doesn't Angelo got to approve the moves?[/quote]
I'm talking about during the course of the games when I said moves. Not moves as in trades or whatever, as in if Rivera wanted the Cover 2 Prevent or w/e, Lovie could turn that call down and put his own in.
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