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MY Fantasy Football Team
Windy City Flyers
20 team league
QB-Heavy Stats, IDP league, Return yards
Like the NFL

QB- D. Brees
RB- R. Grant
RB/WR- Bush
WR- Burress
WR/TE- Berrian
TE- Dallas Clark
DT- Tommie Harris
DE- Dewayne White
DE- Jason Taylor
LB- Urlacher
LB- Tatupu
LB- Bullock
CB- Sheldon Brown
CB- Mckenzie
S- Thomas Davis
S- R. Harrison
DP- LeRoy Hill
K- Shane Graham
P- Plackemeier
HC- Bill Bellichek
QB- John Beck
WR- Dwayne Bowe
DT- Richard Seymour
DE- Tamba Hali
CB- R. Mathias, Allen Rossum
S- D. Sharper

IR- Roy Williams WR

<span style="color:#708090">
White Sox Baseball:
Where the players are underlooked.
Where the GM is looked at as overated around the league.
Where making under the radar moves have paid off in the past, and will do this season.
Where having winning records year after year, then having a losing year and every fan starts to panic
Where fans go to watch real baseball in Chicago.

2008. Season to Remember.
my team is-
QB-Drew Brees
QB-Ben Roethlisberger
RB-Ryan Grant
RB-Jamal Lewis
W/T-Greg Jennings
W/T-Calvin Johnson
W/T-Amani Toomer
K-Rob Bironas
RB-Jamal Lewis
W/T-Tony Gonzalez
W/T-Joe Jurevicius
RB-Warrick Dunn
QB-Trent Edwards
8-5, 3rd place. And no, I don't start the same lineup every week, just fyi.
[Image: fohdtk.jpg]

<span style="color:gray"> White Sox Baseball: Passion. Pride. Tradition.

[Image: sowz9y.gif] [Image: kakc20.gif] [Image: 2l9lhmo.gif] [Image: 11l5ul5.gif] [Image: 1499zjt.gif]

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