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what kind of music are you guys into? i like all kinds, from classic rock to rap.
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<span style="color:gray"> White Sox Baseball: Passion. Pride. Tradition.

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Old school punk rocker that has grown up and listens to just about everything now. will always be a punk though
I mostly listen to metal but like old punk as well as classic rock too.
Little bit of rap, mostly alternative.
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<span style="color:#ff8c00">RB ll Mat Forte ll Tulane.Chicago Bears
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Im into alternative, classic rock, hip hop and r&amp;b
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White Sox Baseball:
Where the players are underlooked.
Where the GM is looked at as overated around the league.
Where making under the radar moves have paid off in the past, and will do this season.
Where having winning records year after year, then having a losing year and every fan starts to panic
Where fans go to watch real baseball in Chicago.

2008. Season to Remember.
I listen to a little bit of everything. Mostly rock, rap, hip hop....
rap and hip-hop is my thing
screamo, hardcore, classic rock
you should check out this new video by the used

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