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Singapore F1
Is anybody interested in joining Singapore Formula One during September 2009?
Before the Singapore Grand Prix today I feared that last year’s cheating incident might have been the saving grace in terms of pure spectacle for a race that should otherwise have put us all asleep, given the impossibility of overtaking on this circuit. Therefore, if there were no crashes done on purpose, I assumed, this year’s edition might turn out to be a bedtime story of a night race.

But the organizers worked on the track to make it a little easier to overtake. I don’t know if it was a result of that work or not, but this race actually had a nice dose of racing. And it also had several other events worthy of Nelson Piquet Jr.’s well placed accident last year.

It may have taken only 14 laps for that accident to shuffle things up last year, but this year it took only 7 more laps before the safety car was called in again to clean up an amazing mess caused by the accident between Adrian Sutil and Nick Heidfeld. Sutil had misjudged his ability to get by the new Spaniard with the name too difficult to remember how to spell, and the German driver spun around and tried to get back on the track in another optimistic move. He collided with Heidfeld and made a huge mess on the track.

It was unfortunate for Heidfeld, but it certainly spiced up the racing. In fact, it was really unfortunate for Heidfeld because it ended a string of 42 races in which the German driver had been classified finishing the race. In other words, his first DNF in 42 races. Amazing.

It was particularly fun to hear Heidfeld’s comment after the accident when asked what the team might consider doing in retribution regarding Sutil.

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