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Play video on Xbox 360—How to convert and play MTS/M2TS to Xbox 360 on Mac
Play video on Xbox 360—How to convert and play MTS/M2TS to Xbox 360 on Mac

Does the Xbox 360 support MTS/M2TS files?
No,the Xbox 360 does not support MTS/M2TS videos; If you have a bunch of wonderful camcorder videos you would like to play them on your Xbox 360. You need to convert them into WMV, H.264 or MPEG-4 media for Xbox 360 to be playable.

MTS/M2TS format is ahigh-definition MPEG, AVC, H.264 transport stream video file format which commonly used by HD camcorders such as Sony, Canon, Panasonic,
hard to play on many popular players.

The Xbox 360 is a Microsoft-developed video game console that features a variety of multimedia capabilities. The system features high-definition video output, internal memory, USB compatibility and Internet access. These features can be used together or independently to stream various types of video. The Xbox 360 supports videos in Windows Media Video (WMV) format (including high-definition and PlaysForSure videos), as well as H.264 and MPEG-4 media. The December 2007 dashboard update added support for the playback of MPEG-4 ASP format videos.

How to convert MTS/M2TS to Xbox 360 on Mac?
Xbox 360 can not support MTS/M2TS video, but I still want to watch video what I shot by my Canon HF10 on Xbox 360. What should I do? I was told to complete the follow steps.

Step1: Convert MTS/M2TS to Xbox 360 should use Moyea MTS/M2TS converter for Mac. So download and install this program.

Step2: Add MTS/M2TS files, more than one is acceptable by clicking “add” button. Select the output file, in the "Format" drop-down list; choose Xbox 360 WMV as the output video format. All the target formats are shown in the dropdown list. Then click the "Browse" button or directly enter a path in "Destination" box. You could change the file name in main list by double clicking the destination file.

Step3: Start converting MTS/M2TS videos to Xbox 360 WMV on Mac. Just click "Convert"button to start the conversion. The popup frame will let you know how much will spend on converting, and how much time have left etc. If you want to let all files into one, please check “Merge into one file” before conversion.
[Image: moyea_mts_converte_step.jpg]

Tips—– Basic functions of this Moyea MTS/M2TS converter for Mac.
1. How to let my output files smaller or the definition higher than before?
MTS/M2TS is just a big file with high-definition. Want to get smaller size of out output files, you should first enter “setting” then down-regulate the bitrate and framerate. Want to get higher-vision videos, up-regulate them.

2. How to split my video?
The "Trim" function which in “Edit”also serves as a video splitter for you to get any time-length video clip. You can set the exact time-length of the episode by setting the"Start Time" and "End Time" or directly drag the slide bar to choose the position you want.

3. How to crop off the black edges and adjust the size of video play region?
By using the "Crop"function you can crop off the black edge of your video and you can also adjust the video region to fit for your Xbox 360, you only need to drag the dashed line around the video image.

4. How to remove interlaces of my video?
When you shoot video from your TV, or in the theatre, you will find many interlaces on the video when you play back. Don’t worry, just click the “Effect”, you will see “deinterlacing”, and only need to check it, then the converted file will be good without interfaces.
[Image: moyea_mts_converter_tip.jpg]

How to play converted videos on Xbox 360?
Transfer the converted video files to a USB flash drive. You can also burn them to a CD or DVD.Plug the flash drive into either one of the USB ports on the face of the Xbox 360 and then turn on the Xbox 360 and access the "Media" tab on the main system menu. The flash drive will be recognized under the "Video"tab as a portable device. Select video you wish to watch. It will begin playing on whatever display the Xbox 360 is connected to. You can use the controller to pause, rewind or fast-forward the video.

Tips: How can I watch other (AVI, divx, xvid, MKV, FLV etc.) videos on my Xbox 360?
You could also convert these files to WMV which is compatible with Xbox 360. Using Moyea video converter for Mac,you can convert almost all formats of video, including HD video like TOD, MOD, MTS/M2TS, and TS etc with good quality in short time, never happen out of sync.

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