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We are looking for people going to football matches (or those who don’t go and would like to go and earn some money) and provide our clients with a live-update of the match they watch on the field via mobile phone.

• What are we looking for?
We are looking for people that know the basics of football , are willing to go to football matches and get paid to provide live updates by using key words, to our clients!

• For which leagues are we looking for commentators?

So if you are a citizen or just live at one of the following countries (Turkey, Netherlands, France, Belgium, UK, Germany, Russia, Italy, Portugal e.t.c) and can go to matches of ANY team at all (1st leagues, as long as ALL other leagues) e-mail us and you won’t lose, you might even earn some easy money (assuming you are responsible and have the job done)

• Ok it seems interesting, but what am I going to do?
If you work for us, then you will receive a phone call on your mobile phone 1 hour before kick off so as to confirm you are going to the stadium. You will then receive a call 5minutes before match starts and for the whole game you will be on the phone describing to our clients, what happens in the match with key words. So don’t think you have to know players names or any complicated English, you just have to know the basics of a football match (which team is home team for example) and inform our client for goals, cards substitutions e.t.c.

Some of the things you will say follow:

- saying where the ball is at the centre of the field (SAFE)
- when it is in or near the area (DANGER)
- red cards
- when a goal is scored
- speed of the game, substitutions
- yellow cards
- answering any questions that the client has

• Am i going to be charged anything to my mobile phone?
NO. The cost of the phone call is paid by our clients and only them!

• Ok, but what do I need?
All you need is 2 mobile phones fully charged (with hands free if possible) and 2 mobile numbers (one in each phone). You will have to get a ticket for the match and this is your responsibility (so if the match is a local derby or something like that you OUGHT to purchase a ticket as soon as possible and not last day!) .You need to speak English fluently so as to be able and communicate with us and the client easily and without misunderstandings. Knowing to use the basic of internet tools such as msn messenger and skype is also important.

• How much will I be paid?
You are going to be paid for the ticket (a normal ticket not the VIP one) + earn some pocket money for you. This will vary from country to country, so if you are interested in the job you will be given details by e-mail.

• How and when do I get paid?
You will be paid for each match you will go to and payment will be made via moneybookers, paypal or even bank transfer.

• What happens if I cannot make a match for any reason?
If you inform us in advance there it won’t be a problem, but if we have already offered it to our client , we expect you to go to the match, as we are paying you very good money for the fact we expect you to be reliable, responsible and serious about this job.

• When do I start?
After having a mini-interview via skype or msn, you might even start sooner than expected because there is interest for friendly matches, intertoto cup and others too. It depends on the country and the interest of the client.

• Is there a problem if I already have a work?
This is a part-time job and in most cases takes part during weekends, so most people can do it easily to earn some easy money, providing they have the job done with a high feeling of responsibility.

• I have a friend, relative that might be interested too, what do I do?
Forward this text in every person that you think might be interested into this job by any means you wish (e-mail, phone call etc). You might even forward it to relatives you have in other foreign countries.

• How do I contact you?
If this is a job that interests you and want to learn more details then you should SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE WRITING YOUR MAIL ADDRESS SO AS TO COME INTO CONTACT . Don’t forget to write your name,mobilephone number, age, country, city and which teams you can cover. Msn id is also preferable. Name and country should be in topic as well.

We are a serious company and would like all our employees to be serious and responsible too for a long time future co-operation for the benefit of all.

Contact mail :

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