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Something new - Sport Agent
[Image: sporta.png] is the first sport portal that brings together everyone that loves sports. Whether you are a young aspiring athlete dreaming to make it in the big league, a professional sports agent looking for new talent or a sports enthusiast in search of a sparring partner over the weekend, we can help you connect with just the right people from all over the world. With 1sportagent4U you can easily contact professional, amateur or disabled athletes and teams, find coaches, agents, managers or sponsors. Or, you can take the laid-back approach and wait for them to come to you. Simply describe your achievements and abilities in your profile information and see your sports career skyrocket!

Here at 1sportagent4U we take pride in the fact that we are trully made for everybody, regardless of their age, sex or disability. But although we are a meeting point for so many different people, at 1sportagent4U everyone is treated equally, because they all have one thing in common: they love sports! So no matter who you are or where you are from, 1sportagent4U can bring you closer to reaching your sports goals.

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