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Is Tyrus Thomas really going to the Charlotte Bobcats? Is Dwayne Wade coming to the b
I really dont want him to go ): he plays really well when you need him to.
is it actually finalized or are they thinking about it?
If we (chicago) get dwayne wade, that would be sooo awesome... he played SO well with derrick rose during the all star game!
Brown then backed away from the circle of reporters and ended the interview. It was another bizarre twist in a two-month stretch of uncertainty surrounding the Michael Jordan-owned Bobcats and the well-travelled Brown, in his 13th pro or U.S. college head coaching job.
Brown, who turns 70 in September, said after the Bobcats were swept by Orlando in the first round of the playoffs that he missed being away from his wife and teenage children in suburban Philadelphia and hadn't decided whether he'd be back despite having two years left on his contract.

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