Poll: who do u think will win the AFC North Division
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Who Will Win The Division
I think that the Bengals will win it this year.Steelers aren`t gonna and Browns have patential but nope.so it will be the Bengals.Ravens are good but not good enough to win the Division
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Colts won the Super Bowl....Peyton MVP
Pistons 28-18....Chauncey,Rip,Sheed,Tay,C-Webb and McDyess as the 6th man....you better remember the name because they are going to be your next NBA Champs so remember the name and if you dont like it well forget you than lol
NO SCHOOL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ravens dont have potential, bengals do they shoiulda dfarfted mercedes lewis the TE from ucla but no, bengals , steels, browns, ravens, and i dont give a fu*k
It all depends on the health of carson palmer. If he is healthy it is there division if not it is anybodys division. It soon be a good division this yr. I'll have to keep my eye on it.
bengals dude....no doubt
The steelers are the champs so you can't count them out. The ravens d will be good and if mcnair is healthy there offense will be good enough to win games.
ok they picked up mcnair and anderson, but they need someone to throw the ball to mason is too old, their d will be fine but this yr mcnair has to get through that offense and if j-lewie does good then they are a contender but the bengals all the way
They have heap and some young wrs that will do good enough. They don't need to score a lot of points to win. What if palmer gets hurt again? Isn't there backup Wright? You say what he did will the ravens last yr.:huh:
yes but wright has rudi and chad thats enopugh said
The steelers have big ben, willie parker, hines ward and miller. That is enough for them to win the division.
big ben and that accident ya never know, miller isnt proven yet, and parker had a few 100 yrd games

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