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NFL Fan Roll Call
Name: Chris
Location: Near Toronto
Favorite Team(s): Green Bay Packers
Why Is It Your Favorite: Brett Favre owns
Favorite Player(s): Brett Favre, Samkon Gado, LT, Takeo Spikes
Least Favorite Team(s): Minnesota Vikings
Why Is It Your Least Favorite: Cause I'm a Packer fan
Least Favorite Player(s): Randy Moss, Terrell Owens
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Favorite Team(s):Jets
Why Is It Your Favorite:Because they rock!
Favorite Player(s):Coles,Vilma
Least Favorite Team(s):Pats
Why Is It Your Least Favorite:They keep winning SB's
Least Favorite Player(s):Brady
Anything Else:I also like Niners,Packers, and Eagles!
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darnik44 on the rhodes sig

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Favorite Team(s):Lions
Why Is It Your Favorite:because im a hometown boi
Favorite Player(s):Shaun Rogers,Dre` Bly,Roy Williams
Least Favorite Team(s):Packers
Why Is It Your Least Favorite: Favre and they are rivals
Least Favorite Player(s):Favre
Anything Else:Mark My Words:Mike Williams will do better this year.Lions are gonna be a better team this year.
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[Image: 457564pe3.png]
Colts won the Super Bowl....Peyton MVP
Pistons 28-18....Chauncey,Rip,Sheed,Tay,C-Webb and McDyess as the 6th better remember the name because they are going to be your next NBA Champs so remember the name and if you dont like it well forget you than lol
NO SCHOOL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Kevin
Favorite Team(s): Cincinnati Bengals, Ohio State Buckeyes, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Cavaliers, Columbus Bluejackets
Why Is It Your Favorite:Cause I'm a cincy lover, and I like cav's cause cincy doesnt have a b-ball team, and i like cbj cause there from ohio!
Favorite Player(s): Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, Troy Smith, Rick Nash, LeBron James.
Least Favorite Team(s): Yankees, STEELERS, Michigan, Texas Longhorns.
Why Is It Your Least Favorite: Cause there my teams arch-enemys!
Least Favorite Player(s):Big Ben, Hines Ward, A-Rod
Anything Else: WHO DEY THINK GONNA BEAT DEM BENGALS?!?!?!?!<!--sizec--><!--/sizec-->
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<span style="color:orange">BENGALS FAN 4 LIFE~
Name: Coach Joey Brockhoff
Location: Slidell, LA (Originally from Metairie, LA)
Favorite Team(s): New Orleans Saints
Why Is It Your Favorite: My hometown, Been following them since I was born.
Favorite Player(s): Deuce (soon to be Brees and Bush)
Least Favorite Team(s): Atlanta Falcons
Why Is It Your Least Favorite: A couple of hail mary passes in the 70's and Vick's comeback two years ago. (Huge Rivalry)
Least Favorite Player(s): Vick
Anything Else: &quot;WHO DAT&quot; and &quot;Ya Gotta Have FAITH&quot;

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Name: Tyler
Location: Alabama
Favorite Team(s): Cardinals, Panthers, Broncos, Titans
Why Is It Your Favorite:My Favorite Players play for them
Favorite Player(s): Edgerrin James, DeAngelo Williams, Steve Smith, Jake Plummer, Champ Bailey, Pacman Jones, Vince Young, LenDale White
Least Favorite Team(s):
Why Is It Your Least Favorite:
Least Favorite Player(s):
Anything Else:
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PG: Hinrich / SG: Billups / SF: Morrison / PF: Thomas / C: Yao[/center]
Name: Mark
Location: New Jersey
Favorite Team(s): Baltimore Ravens
Why Is It Your Favorite: I love there strong D... and I live close
Favorite Player(s): Ed Reed and Ray Lewis
Least Favorite Team(s): Patriots, and the Eagles.
Name: Tim
Location: New Jersey
Favorite Team(s): Steelers
Why Is It Your Favorite: Amazing coach, great players, physical football.
Favorite Player(s): Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu
Least Favorite Team(s): Patriots + Eagles
Why Is It Your Least Favorite: I hate Tom Brady and McNabb...
Least Favorite Player(s): Tom Brady, Donavan McNabb
Anything Else: Nope.
Name: MrBigShot_23
Location: Michigan
Favorite Team(s): Detroit Lions
Why Is It Your Favorite: Live in Michigan
Favorite Player(s): Dont really have one
Least Favorite Team(s): Patriots, Packers
Why Is It Your Least Favorite: Always disliked the Pats since 2001, and the Packers are our rivals and I dont like Favre
Least Favorite Player(s): Favre, Brady, Vick
Anything Else: Nope
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[Image: arenasusayq1.jpg]
[Image: michigan6iz.jpg]
Name: Matt
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Team(s): Chargers
Why Is It Your Favorite: They might come to LA
Favorite Player(s): LT, Gates
Least Favorite Team(s): Colts
Why Is It Your Least Favorite: IDK
Least Favorite Player(s): Eli Manning
Anything Else: N/A
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[Image: lac.gif] <span style="color:red">LA Clippers Starting 5
[Image: chris_kaman.jpg][Image: tyrus_thomas.jpg][Image: mike_dunleavy.jpg][Image: mickael_pietrus.jpg][Image: kirk_hinrich.jpg]</div>

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