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Rooney Vs Ronaldo? Who is the better one?
Both players are good in their own way. And they play in different position, so you cant compare them.
But C.Ronaldo has been elected for best player of the year so there is your answer - C.Ronaldo
Ooo, man, that's a big question but even thought Ronaldo move to Real Madrid, Man.United is better then ever !
My opinion is that Rooney is much better then Ronaldo! He doesn't play only attracive football, but also gives his heart and soul for the team ! Something that Ronaldo would never do !
Ronaldo was the past and Rooney is the new hero Tongue
(08-14-2009, 04:18 AM)stradivar Wrote: If we think about the technical skills there is absolutely no doubt...Ronaldo is better. But, that's not everything for a football player. Rooney is giving more on the field than Ronaldo and some of his goals are amazing. They are different type of players and I really don't know which one of them I would pick for my team if I had to choose.

Exactly !!! Totally agree ! Cool And after all it's a team game, not individual Rolleyes
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i think ronaldo is better than rooney.............

ronaldo is my favourite one......

he is amazing............

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Ronaldo hands down... He's the type of player that shifts point spreads. You can almost always count on him scoring, at least more than Rooney. 340 career goals vs 148... granted there is a 7 year age difference. You also get experience with Ronaldo... I've got to stick with Ronaldo on this one even if he is mid 30s he's still faster than Rooney.
ronaldo is a bit better than rooney, anyway i like rooney more than ronaldo
Well it is just as comparing George Foreman to Muhammad Ali. Every sportsman has his fans and those who do not like him so much. Muhammad was a clever and smart boxer while Foreman have iron in his fists - you can not compare them easily.
Rooney is by far the better one. Stronger in the air and a complete player

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