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CSZ Update

Well, its been a long time since anything has happened here on the Boards, for which I am very sorry for.

Id like to wish you all a happy new year, and hope the festivities were good for you.
I have had a few ideas to try get the site alive again, hopefully working with the season being played.

Idea 1
Sending this email and hoping our users start to post again, quality posting and seeing how it goes.

Idea 2
Handing the Moderation over to a few selected users, while we maintain control, the moderators will be incharge of posting, starting discussions, and bringing in more users.
If anyone is interested please email me:

Any other ideas you may have, please let me know

David S
Admin CSZ

[Image: rsnlogo.jpg]
I've decided to come back and see what you guys have in store for the place... As long as the arguing doesn't get out of hand again I'll stick around for a while.
KTG, I think that our biggest problem (DG) is not going to be returning.
ArrayKTG, I think that our biggest problem (DG) is not going to be returning.[/quote]

That's true, which is why I'm giving this place a second chance... if only we can get some more members back.
There's no need to keep me as an active member/mod.
The Hawks forums are dead here, and I'm modding on Indian Head Nation. If anyone needs Hawks info/tix, feel free to join there. There's a core group of fans who really like discussing hockey. I'm not trying to take away traffic (what traffic?), but it seems pointless to post repetitive news for such a niche audience like Blackhawks fans.

If you feel differently, and think this site can be resurrected, let me know. Until then, anyone is welcome to join. I'll keep checking back for a pulse here every couple of months.

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[Image: 17289.png]
I'm willing to start posting again as well. That's as long as we can get some traffic.
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David, I have a proposition for you. So if you still check this forum it would be great to hear back from you. I sent an email to your one listed in your sig but it didn't go through. :(
Whatever happened to our deal? I emailed you and you never responded. This site was once great and it still has potential if you just give it a chance. If not, give it away to someone that cares.
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