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Sabathia to the Brew-Crew
It's official.

[Image: fortesig.png]
Good. He's out of our division and the AL in general. At least for 3 months...who knows where he will be next season.
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Glad to have him out of our hair.
He will help the Brewers enough to overtake the Cards but not the Cubs maybe make the playoffs as a wildcard!
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At least he didn't do that great once they were in the postseason... I'm just glad he isn't come back next year.
The Brewers are definitely going to miss C.C.:(
CC would be more than taken care of at 20 million/year by the Crew. Which is a lot of money for my smaller market team 100 million for 5 years.

Unfortunately (for the Brewers), once the market opens up and big market teams start throwing cash around, he'll probably go. He's from California, so don't be surprised to see him playing there. The Yankees will give it a go throwing their unending supply of cash at him as well. Everyone wants CC, let the money wars begin.

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